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Introduction to irrigation equipment - D1-Information sheet
Principles of surveying and mapping - D2-Information sheet
Introductory Irrigation Design Course - D3-Information sheet
Blockweek for AgriSETA accreditation (NQF level 5) -
Computer aided irrigation design with IrriMaker - D5-Information sheet
Evaluation of irrigation systems - D6-Information sheet
NQF1 & NQF2:Basic principles and installation of irrigation systems. -
M1-Information sheet
NQF3:Irrigation scheduling. - M2-Information sheet
NQF4:Irrigation management - M3-Information sheet
Landscape irrigation installation course - L1-Information sheet
Introductory landscape irrigation design course - L2-Information sheet


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SABI is a South African irrigation organisation dedicated to the promotion of improved designs, equipment, methods and management for the efficient use of irrigation water and optimisation of all other associated resources.

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